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This legal notice regulates all uses of and will be valid for all your visits and future transactions with , as well as the sales of perfumes through

The Terms of sale mentioned below refer only to and are not related to those that apply in stores.

Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor reserves the right to review these terms and conditions periodically and it is the responsibility of the users to be aware of their update. the date of the last update is at the end of the text.

Any partial or total reproduction of the text and / or images of will only be allowed with the written permission of the owner.

We accept payments with PayPal, VISA and MasterCard.

Our prices are marked in euros, and 21% of the Spanish Value Added Tax is included.

The products remain the property of Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor until the full payment has been completed.

Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor may at any time modify the prices of the products offered at at any time without prior notice and the value marked at the time of purchase will be charged.


If there is no availability of a product at the time of ordering (information that will generally be automatically indicated on the respective product page), please contact us at

and we will inform you in the next 48 hours (Holidays excluded) about availability

Exceptionally, errors or modifications may occur, especially in the event that a certain product is ordered simultaneously by several customers. Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor is not responsible in any way for this reason, but the means will be provided to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

In the event that the selected product (s) are not available, the customer can choose another item in the range or cancel their order. If the customer decides to cancel the order, he will be reimbursed, in any case, no later than 30 days after payment.

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