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Always feeling so happy to be in the facilities of MG Int! I will never have enough words



handcrafted production

Ricardo Ramos Perfumes delicate elaboration process, combines the latest technology in the elaboration of perfume oil with the selection of the most precious raw materials on the planet, and sophisticated synthesis molecules, then  carefully conditioned and packaged one by one by hand in Granada/Spain.




"Ricardo Ramos Perfumes is a fragrance line twenty-five years in the making, beginning with the start of a friendship between young Ricardo Ramos who had just finished his fashion studies and recent graduate Jorge Lee who had started a career in perfume, but on the business side. Ricardo encouraged Jorge to embrace his creativity and pushed for him to study to become a perfumer. Ricardo’s dream was that eventually Jorge could create the fragrances for Ricardo’s fashion house.  Back in Europe while designing collections Ricardo also studied perfumery so he could be a knowledgable and hands-on creative director. Jorge Lee indeed did become a successful perfumer."

                                                                     Marianne Butler, ÇaFleureBon




Over the time, the economist Jorge Lee, who became a perfumer after working for Quest and Givaudan, mentored the designer Ricardo Ramos in the perfumery craft, teaching him the palette from the laboratories and completing his Fine Fragrance training in the laboratories MG Int./Istanbul. 
Nowadays, among Ricardo Ramos' collection, there are compositions made by Jorge Lee, by the Lee and Ramos “two noses” team, and by Ricardo Ramos himself, always working under the attentive art direction of Ramos.

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