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Always feeling so happy to be in the facilities of MG Int! I will never have enough words

High technology


artisanal production

The delicate process of making Ricardo Ramos' perfumes combines the latest technology in the production of perfume oil, with the selection of the most precious raw materials from all over the world  and sophisticated synthesis molecules, to then be carefully conditioned and packaged one by one by hand, in an artisanal way in Granada/Spain.

Production is made on demand, following  a "slow perfumery" philosophy.

Ricardo Ramos is a fashion designer and a perfumer of Colombian origin, who inherited his sense of smell from his paternal grandfather, also named  Ricardo Ramos. a horseman and pioneer in Colombia's coffee export business from the late 1940s to the mid-1980s of the 20th century, as well a great promoter of the implementation of international coffee strains in Colombian territory, he was who taught his grandson from the early age of 7 the importance of the sense of smelling  through coffee.

His contact with the fragrance industry began more than twenty five years ago with the raw materials from Quest Int laboratories, afterwards having access to the palette  from Givaudan in Paris, and then continuing in the laboratories of MG International  in Istanbul, Ramos made this long journey through the laboratories guided by his life time friend and mentor senior perfumer Jorge Lee, also of Colombian origin.

Ricardo Ramos complements this knowledge with extensive trips around the world learning about natural raw materials' extraction, production and qualities, an essential knowledge to compose his line's  creations.

Ramos has studies in Fashion (Paris American Academy/Paris-France) where he also carried out his first olfactory workshops, Classical Tailoring (Westminster/London-England), Antique Dealing in Western Decorative Arts (College of Antiquaries of Barcelona/C.E.N.P- Barcelona- Spain), Traditional Indian Textile Design (Lemark Institute/Mumbai-India), Medieval Paleography (Stanford University/Palo Alto, California-USA), and Textile Arts with a specialty in Conservation of Carpets and Tapestries (Granada School of Arts and Crafts- Spain)

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