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Deminiche is Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor second line , a young and vibrant new evocative line for those who want to feel stylish without much effort, a line dedicated to the most historically relevant classic ingredients in perfumery with an unexpected tropical touch.

Deminiche's creations have been composed  by "The Nose Team", the team of Ricardo Ramos' nose and his mentor in perfumery, senior perfumer Jorge Lee.

This new line debuts with Sandal Koti, Agar Ahalim and Mangoe Khus!



A whole olfactory universe inspired by the Andalusian cultural legacy


Most of the magic from the  Al-Andalus has survived until day Thanks to architecture, cultural syncretism, archeology and gastronomy, as well thanks to a large number of botanical species scattered throughout almost all of the Iberian Peninsula, making it the sole heir to an intangible cultural heritage of olfactory character that tries to stand out in this collection. Aligned with this inspiration, Ricardo Ramos makes use of the classic olfactory notes inherited from the time of Al-Andalus and the Christian Reconquest periods, with the intention of transporting us to the historical moment when the origins of the perfumery art started in Europe.

Some fragrances are inspired by ancient medical formulations  from that  time, as well in architectural structures and iconic characters and tradition , making use of some common ingredients of Andalusian heritage, used in daily basis for us,  and mostly arriving  from the Middle East. 

Many of these raw materials were first distilled on the Iberian peninsula through the use of the alembic, marking Spain as the starting point in the art of perfumery in Europe.

All the creations from this line have been dedicated to characters, places or traditions directly related to this era, under an art direction in which the olfactory concept of each fragrance is closely related to its name ,

Cultural Legacy Collection

These creations signed by Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor, inspired and dedicated to celebrating cultural aspects directly related to Colombia, The Netherlands and the special creation that combines characteristic features of Japan, Turkey and Spain!

LaLindosa, Knus and Matcha Nōno are available in our online store!

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