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Acqua di Teriaca is inspired by the character of Doctor Schnabel and the formulation called Teriaca, historically known as the panacea medicine during the times of the plague, it was initially created as an antidote to poisons and venoms, reinvented for centuries since ancient times.

This perfume is inspired by the ingredients' list from the famous Venetian Teriaca (18th century) from Venice. It is a hand blended, liquored, spicy and green aroma, with touches of waxy leather, sitting on a base of fine resins with amber woods and an almost subliminal animalic point.

This is a collector's item from the original series released during the Covid19 state of emergency in Europe.

Acqua di Teriaca 10ml

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  • Salida: enebro, anís estrellado, bergamota, pino 

    Corazón: Ládano, Acorde de cuero, Absoluto de cera de abeja, Styrax, Madera de Agar, Rosa Turca 

    Base: Cistus, Ámbar gris, Acorde Chipre, Oud, Castoreum



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