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De Solís Eau de Parfum Fraiche (2017)

Ricardo Ramos finds inspiration again in Granada, focusing his attention on the evolution of the character and personality of Isabel de Solís / Soraya, presented by Brigida Gallego Coin in her novel of the same name.

De Solís has an olfactory structure that evokes three vital moments of Isabel during the book: her candor as a child on the way out, the transformative experience of a Christian captive to the Muslim faith and customs in her heart, and a rich background that refers us her time as Nazarí sultana already married to Sultan Mulay Hassan.


Top notes: Lavender, Magnolia, Bergamot

Heart notes: Nutmeg, Black Pepper, cardamom, neroli

Background: Musk, SSandalwood, Atlas Cedar, Cinnamon.


Nose: Jorge Lee

De Solís Eau de Parfum Fraiche 50ml

SKU: 364115376135191
Color: White