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Matcha Nōno is a representative example of a collaboration that builds an intercultural bridge by bringing together specific traditional aspects from Japan, Turkey and Spain, establishing a contemporary olfactory dialogue.
This complex gourmand perfume spins around Japanese Matcha tea, the classic Turkish Baclava cake and the representative PioNono cake from Granada / Spain
It is a scent that celebrates the cultural exchange, inspiration and knowledge between the art director and the perfumers, representing a soft, welcoming and dreamy sensory experience.

Matcha Nōno Eau de Parfum 50ml

  • Top Notes:

    Cherry blossom, Yuzu, Hinoki Wood.

    Heart Notes:
    Matcha tea, almond blossom, pistachio, cinnamon

    Background Notes:
    Orange blossom, Walnut, White Chocolate, Musk.
    Nose: Jorge Lee and Tommo Inaba


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