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The Book of Hours suite is composed by three perfumes that take references from the medieval Paleography studies carried out by Ricardo Ramos with Stanford University / USA.

This is an olfactory journey through medieval monastic activities, with an aim of capturing their intriguing mysticism, from the intimate erudite atmosphere of the scriptoriums , spinning around the olfactory references of cobblestone courtyards and gardens in cloisters and abbeys, detaching the mystical concept from liturgical aspects and the use of incense, to represent the human and material side of this environment fully charged with spirituality.

This suite revolves around the calfskin parchment (Vellum eau de Parfum) and the ink (Iron Gall eau de Parfum) used by the monks to make the Illuminated Manuscripts, as well as the classic Rosaries made with rose petal paste by monks and nuns up to date (Rosary Eau de Parfum). The perfumes in the Book of Hours suite are 20% concentration, and their formulations are made with 85% natural raw materials.


-Vellum Eau de Parfum

Nose: Ricardo Ramos


-Iron Gall Eau de Parfum

Nose: Ricardo Ramos


-Rosary Eau de Parfum

Nose: Jorge Lee

Book of Hours Suite /Launch Edition 2021

  • Vellum Eau de Parfum

    Top notes: Juniper Spirits, Suede, Cipress, Yuzu.

    Middle Notes: Ginger, Verbena, Hyacinth, Human Sweat.

    Base Notes: Saffron, Cedar, Sandalwood, Leather, Musk.

    Nose: Ricardo Ramos


    Iron Gall Eau de Parfum

    Top Notes: Yuzu, Hinoki, Salt, Black Pepper, Lavender

    Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Saffron, Patchouli, Styrax.

    Base Notes: Cedar, Galbanum, Oak Moss, Amber, Musk.

    Nose: Ricardo Ramos


    Rosary Eau de Parfum

    Top Notes: Hinoki, Eucalyptus, Stone Paver Accord

    Middle Notes: Turkish Rose, Pink Pepper, Pepper Seeds, Galbano.

    Base Notes: Oak Moss, Sandalwood, Musk, Ambergris

    Nose: Jorge Lee




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