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Candy Darling Candy Says y Elagabal/Heliogabalus


La serie Transexualia se convierte en una trilogía, con dos creaciones que acompañan a Cristina La Veneno Veneno Pa Tu Piel!
Creaciones  dedicadas e inspiradas en Candy Darling,
la icónica actriz, modelo y musa de Andy Warhol, y en Elagabal/Heliogabalus, el joven emperador romano de quién se conoce gracias a los registros históricos de la antigua Roma, que tuvo disforia de género .  


Deminiche is Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor second line, young and vibrant, this new and evocative line is for those who want to feel stylish without much effort, a line dedicated to the most relevant classic ingredients in perfumery with an unexpected tropical touch .

Deminiche's creations have been formulated by "The Nose Team",  the noses of Ricardo Ramos and his mentor in perfumery, senior perfumer Jorge Lee.

This new line is debuting with Sandal Koti,  Agar Ahalim and Mangoe Khus!


AL-ANDALUS Collection


Cultural Legacy Collection

These three creations signed by Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor, are inspired and dedicated to celebrate cultural aspects directly related to Colombia, The Netherlands and a very special creation that combines characteristic features from Japan, Turkey and Spain!

LaLindosa, Knus and Matcha Nōno are already available in our online store!


La_Lindosa copia.jpg

LaLindosa Eau de Parfum

Knus Eau de Parfum

Matcha Nōno Eau de Parfum

High technology and artisan tradition

The delicate process of making Ricardo Ramos Perfumes de Autor perfumes, combines the latest technology in perfume oil production, with the selection of the most precious raw materials on the planet and sophisticated synthesis molecules, to then be carefully conditioned and packaged by hand, one by one in Granada / Spain.

Always feeling so happy to be in the fac
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